To grow and strengthen tennis in the Wairarapa.


Quality tennis is accessible to everyone in the Wairarapa.


Fun, Supportive, Professional, Inclusive, Transparent, Proactive

New Zealand Tennis Code of Conduct 2016


We do this by:

Providing members and community with good leadership, effective communication, support and innovative programmes to create strong clubs and schools, successful players and welcoming facilities

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Strategic PriorityProject
WTA have viable options and pathways
for every type of involvement.

  • WTA will work with partners to develop a pathway diagram and communicate it to stakeholders.

  • WTA will review its competitive structure.

  • WTA will review it’s representative programmes, to ensure our talented players needs are being met.

  • Wairarapa will have signicant growth in qualied coaches working in clubs and schools.

  • Identied Schools will understand and take responsibility for their development role, as evidenced by an MOU.

  • Establish School Liaison

  • Establish School – Club relationship.

  • New opportunities for sampling and socially enjoying tennis will be developed and linked to club
    membership. Target clubs?

  • Every Wairarapa club will be growing through an attention to customer focus. (How many clubs?)

  • Every club will understand its function within the big picture.

  • Clubs will be supported to have a sustainable volunteer approach.

  • Membership levels grow regionally, year on year by 10% (Hard to measure without good quality figures)


WTA resources are adequate to
meet needs and purpose.
  • WTA will develop an audit of regional resources and a series of recommendations based upon growth

  • Develop a database to improved methods of tracking and dening participation.

  • Grow the volunteer base, skillset and establish succession planning. Target groups.

  • Every club will produce an asset management plan for the next decade.

  • Complete a feasibility study on a lit facility


Tennis is robustly and professionally
governed in our region.
  • WTA will develop three annual operations plan which prioritise strategic targets.

  • WTA will develop and implement a full complement of policies to guide the organisation

  • WTA will conduct 6monthly internal performance reviews.

  • WTA will review its stance in line with future targets and aspirations.

  • WTA will develop a system to support and improve the resourcing of community tennis. This includes
    the boards role in delivery.

  • Review aliation fee structure

  • WTA will deliver clear leadership to clubs through >4 annual meetings and constant correspondence
    via newsletter, website and facebook.

  • EVERY Wairarapa club will have an aligned strategic plan and a modern approach to governance.

  • Develop a communication plan and branding strategy.


Tennis is well connected and
supported in the Wairarapa.
  • WTA will be in touch with Tennis central quarterly regarding its plans and regional objectives, and what
    alignment means to us.

  • WTA will seek new sponsors as partners every year. Initial plan.

  • WTA will meet new grants funding targets developed in-line with aspirational goals identied in our
    operations plan. Set plan

  • WTA will grow annual income by 10%

  • WTA will engage with territorial authorities and keep them informed of their plans

  • WTA will ensure Tennis is easily accessible throughout the region. Plan – target South Wairarapa
    Clubs to understand their role – experiences they offer