Active Tennis Programme

Professional tennis coach Marco de Groot runs the ‘Active Tennis’ Programme at the Martinborough Tennis Club.


Monday’s:  0900 – 10.15

Wednesday’s: 0900 – 10.15 (from 14th October)

Friday’s:  0900 – 10.15


The cost is $10 per session.




Active Tennis was developed by Peter Simpson, the Director and Head Coach of Active Tennis in Wellington.  The aim of active tennis is to give players of all ages and abilities the best tennis experiences possible. Active Tennis was established in 2009 at the Renouf Tennis Centre. Its aim is to give tennis players of all ages and abilities the best tennis experience possible.

Active Tennis provides a comprehensive range of programmes and services to help players improve, whatever their tennis aspirations might be. All programmes are delivered by coaches with NZ and internationally recognized coaching credentials. Active Tennis teaches biomechanically sound ways to improve stroke production that will improve accuracy, power and spin, while reducing the risk of injury. Active Tennis continues to stay up to date with the technical and tactical evolution of the game.