College Interclub: Fast 4 Competition

HEAD College Interclub Fast 4 Competition

Term 1 2018

Fast 4’s is a hybrid game concept to allow matches to be played in a timeframe and to keep the round moving along.

Not all elements of the game are adopted, although the scoring is the same as a standard game of tennis.

For Term 1 2018 there are 26 teams from local Wairarapa Secondary Schools playing across four pools.

MATCH FORMAT: Singles and doubles.

Matches are four points, four games and four rules:

  1. sudden death deuce (no advantage played – receiver chooses side for doubles match),
  2. 9 point tie-breakers apply at three games all,
  3. the first to four games wins set and,
  4. best of three sets wins the match.

SEASON STARTS: Thursday 15 February 2018 with grading round then 4 rounds with finals played on Thursday 22nd March 218.