Patrick Wall does well in Australia

After 2 weeks of intensive tennis in Aussie – Patrick Wall is better for it.


Patrick Wall is passionate about tennis, so much so he goes to

school in Wellington so that he can train in Wellington with many

of the top juniors in Tennis Central.

Winter is a busy time for this year 10 Scots College pupil, as he also plays football and is in his schools long distance squad which competes at various cross country and road racing competitions. However he still managers to fit in three days training towards his tennis.  He started playing tennis while at Hadlow School in Masterton, and was coached by Cilla Paulik who instilled her passion for the game. Now in Wellington Andy Wheeler is his coach, but he also is part of a squad coached by Andy and Marc Paulik,Cilla’s nephew.

In late June early July he went on tour with 22 other juniors from
around New Zealand, to Brisbane, Australia. The first two days
were training days and adjusting to the conditions. The next 9
days saw him play 17 singles matches and 5 doubles matches. You
can’t play that many matches in a concentrated time frame in New

This tour was going to challenge Patrick physically and mentally, to see what he is really capable of. All that training over all his sports paid off. He won 12 singles matches and lost 5. Three of those were very close loses, either in a third set In the last three days he played in the Churchie Junior Championships. He played 9 matches and won 8
of them. He lost in the semi finals in a third set super tiebreak, but then went on to win the play off for 3 and 4. Every night he went back and did his recovery, which consisted of stretching, rolling, food and hydration, then lots of sleep. He lived and breathed tennis for 2 weeks!!

The great thing about this tour was that he got stronger as the days went by- the more he played the So now back at school , his busy schedule continues with football, running and tennis. The football and
running should drop off towards the end of August. As the tennis season draws closer he looks forward to interclub, tournaments and any rep fixtures Wairarapa Tennis have this season.

Described as a late bloomer, this 6ft 1, 15 year old with size 13 shoes is one to keep an eye out for on the coming season. The tour was a great success, he played so many matches and has come back better than when he left.  Results don’t matter yet, hard work pays off!!